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Loves writing but never gets further than a couple of pages, adores drawing but wasn't bold enough for art uni, studies art history and English literature, is a Bonapartist and convinced that unicorns do exist, really now.
Anything else is under 'about' or is top secret, but if you ask, she might wisper it into your ear.


Oh hey- an update.

These two are Robert Moore and Caroline Helstone from Charlotte Bronte’s Shirley. I love them so much.

"Why must you always go, Lina, at the very instant when I most want you to stay?"

"Because you most wish to retain when you are most certain to lose."

"Listen; one other word. Take care of your own heart—do you hear me?"

"There is no danger."

"I am not convinced of that. The Platonic parson, for instance."


"Cyril Hall. I owe more than one twinge of jealousy to that quarter."

"As to you, you have been flirting with Miss Mann. She showed me the other day a plant you had given her.—Fanny, I am ready."

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congratuverylations on your damn face 1/??

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1981 Adam Ant costume, from the V&A.

After starting his career in a punk rock band in the late 1970s, and acting in Derek Jarman’s punk film Jubilee, Ant’s musical and artistic direction changed after hiring Malcolm McLaren in 1980. McLaren’s assistance in redefining their image resulted in the piratical theme that became a hallmark of Adam and the Ants, despite McLaren subsequently persuading the rest of the Ants to leave and form a separate band, Bow Wow Wow. After regrouping with a new backing band, Adam and the Ants became one of the most successful British acts of the early 1980s; their image and style of music was at the forefront of the burgeoning New Romantic movement.

Ant advised in the design of all his own costumes, indebted to historical, military and tribal dress, working with stylists and costumiers. This one is perhaps the most widely known of all, having been used for the publicity photographs and promotional video for the single, Prince Charming, and later on tour. There are two shirts, two pairs of breeches, two wigs and two scarves, not identical but in similar styles, all worn in different combinations on tour. The gold and black striped shirt and the dark silver leather breeches were worn for the publicity photographs and in the video.

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Horrible Histories Series 1: Ben

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Eugene Romain Thirion - Jeanne d’Arc

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Five times Jakes was wrong, and one time he wasn’t.

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The wonderful day when I helplessly fell in love with Cambridge.

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why do I either look drunk or am blinking on all my selfies?

Aug 31

negative reasons

I hate them.
There is something forceful about them, isn’t it?
Like now.

I have to accept that average mark for my term paper for last semester.
Of course he writes to me about it just as I arrive dead tired at Cambridge, happy that I have a place to stay at. Yes please, do destroy it all and my so-far contentment, which was so hard to get to, with the choice of Art History.

And I wouldn’t mind if it was something about the CONTENT of the paper. No, I don’t care about the days I spet researching it and writing it. No, it’s fine. You’re the expert, the professor.

It’s the f*cking language. (Sorry.)

I just don’t get him, like… “we take it into account that you’re not a native speaker” etc.etc. “but your mark is a compromise between the content and how you put it through”. So if he meant the part where he says oh yes I can see you researched it very thoroughly, then


now what do I do with that??

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Name: Adel
Nickname: my name isn’t easy to work with, I’ve only got the standard Hungarian version where we add a “-ka” to it (“Adélka”) and “Öklusz” (“ököl” = fist), given to me by my parents when I was small and tried to fit my whole fist into my mouth (I still can do that)
Birthday: July 27th
Gender:  female
Sexuality: straight
Height: 162 cm (5’2”)
Time zone: UTC + 1.00 (Central European)
What time & date it is there: 7:47 PM, August 29th
What time & date it would be in Antarctica: Antarctica is located in ALL the timezones. Maybe there is no time. Or you can choose to your liking.
(I admit I looked it up)
Average hours of sleep I get each night: I try to get those 8 hours, but, uhm… I usually have too many things to think about.
RL OTP: It might sound wrong but my true OTP is that of my two OCs, Perry and Adrian (not sure I’ve got any pictures of them here). But when I ship people it’s mostly about the sexual tension and not a real and likely relationship and this applies to my OCs too.
Other OTPs: Oh well… my very first one was Dr Cox/JD (Scrubs) and an other major one is Guy/Allan (BBC Robin Hood).
The last thing I Google’d was: 'papaya clothes', trying to find a shirt I bought in a second hand store.
My most used phrase/s: that probably varies from time to time, but I remember a period of time when I was around 13 and used “guarantee” a lot.
First word that comes to mind: “pocsolya”. which would be puddle in English.
What I last said to a family member: 'Good night' to my grandpa on the phone.
One place that makes me happy and why: I kind of like to use public transportation a lot. Sitting on buses allows you to observe people of all sorts and look out onto the streets at the same time, while being in constant motion.
How many blankets I sleep under: 2.
Favorite beverage: I can’t describe how much I love black tea. And cherry coke.
The last movie I watched in the cinemas was: The Hundred-Foot Journey.
Three things I can’t live without: Books, paper and pencil, family and friends. (Oh wow that order is scary.)
Something I plan on learning: Learn an Asian language, Korean maybe? In the very distant future.
A piece of advice for all my followers: Don’t be too lazy to write about your feelings, impressions and life, even if only into a secret diary. It’s always worth it.
You all have to listen to this song: The Flick Knife Song' from the Threepenny Opera . Or any songs from the Donmar version. I can't live without them.
My blog/s: I’ve got a tumblr for my art which I try to update on a daily basis (not really), and I’m working on several others like one for my story.

My turn to tag, so: world-enough-and-time, you-remymission, fabglassshoes, how-to-catch-a-lightning-bug, iremainwanderingwitless and thewolfmaiden.

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She’s never where she is. She’s only inside her head. —White Oleander by Janet Fitch (via brivid)
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Tom Hollander as Guy Burgess in Cambridge Spies (2003) is everything I aspire to become, ambition-wise.

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